Resume of Projects - Water Treatment and Storage

E.A. Fairbairn WWTP Expansion
Sacramento, CA
4,400 Tons

Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant
San Marcos, CA
2,000 Tons

Buckeye WTP Expansion
Reading, CA
375 Tons

Twin Oaks 40 MG Reservoir
San Marcos, CA
1,500 Tons

4.0 MG Reservoir
Bentwood, CA
113 Tons

(2) 1.4 MG Reservoirs
Sacramento International Airport
Sacramento, CA
262 Tons

4.0 MG Reservoir
Helena, MT
146 Tons

Lakeview Reservoir
Lakeview, CA
328 Tons

ESB-D Water Treatment Plant
Sacramento, CA
1,279 Tons

(2) 6.5 MG Clearwells
San Diego, CA
460 Ton

12 MG WWTP Expansion
Chico, CA
1500 Tons

Sunset Reservoir
San Francisco, CA
2000 Tons